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  • Society Update On Elections



    Update from the Football Supporters' Society of Bury

    Following the conclusion of the investigation and further discussions with the independent election scrutineers Mi-Voice, the Interim Board are pleased to announce that the nomination period will be reopening imminently. We’d like to provide the following updated election timeline to members as promised in our previous statement in an attempt to keep members informed as best we can with progress to having a fully elected Board in place.
    Nominations will reopen from Friday 15th September 2023 for a period of 10 days. This is to allow sufficient time for anyone to submit, amend or withdraw nominations should they wish. Anyone who previously submitted a nomination will be contacted directly by Mi-Voice after the 15th September 2023.
    Once the nomination period has closed on Monday 25th September 2023, an independent Election Committee will collate the nominations and will confirm that all nominees are valid in accordance with the Election Policy and Conflict of Interests Policy. We expect this will take no more than 5 working days. We anticipate voting will then open on 29th September 2023 for a period of two weeks, with the results announced at an online Special General Meeting at 7pm on the 13th October 2023. All votes will have been cast either electronically or by postal ballot ahead of the meeting where the results will be announced. The formal calling notice can be viewed here.
    Significant time and effort has been spent cleansing membership data with the aim of ensuring that only paying adult (Aged 16 or over) members will be able to vote in the upcoming election, and that each member has one vote, even where they were a member of both societies. It is not possible to achieve absolute perfection in this matter. No society such as ours can achieve that. We believe we will have the most accurate possible electoral database we can achieve and any further delays to the establishment of a newly elected board would have a more negative impact on the Society than additional work on the database and inevitable further delays which we believe will be immaterial to the result.
    Invalid voting accounts will always be deleted from the database where they are discovered, and this applies throughout any voting period. Any accounts which have been flagged as potentially invalid will be contacted prior to voting opening to provide proof they are a legitimate account. Any account unable to provide sufficient proof will be unable to vote in the election. Anyone who has knowingly created a membership using false information can notify us by 25th September by emailing d.triggs@fssb.co.uk for any invalid or false Shakers Community memberships and k.lee@fssb.co.uk for any invalid or false Bury Football Club Supporters Society memberships. These invalid memberships will be deleted with no further action taken ahead of voting commencing. Further action will be taken against individuals who have, in the opinion of the Board, knowingly created false or invalid memberships. 
    Any other questions or queries related to the election should be sent to support@mi-voice.com
    We will aim to provide a further update to members once the nomination period has closed.


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