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  • Creating A Safe Environment For Supporters



    Creating A Safe Environment For Supporters

    For our football club to grow, it’s vital we create the right atmosphere inside the ground which makes people feel safe and welcome and encourages people to bring their children, and get involved regardless of their gender, race, or sexuality.

    We would like to remind everyone that by turnstiles is a poster containing the following regulation:

    ‘The use of threatening behaviour and/or foul or abusive language is strictly forbidden and may result in arrest and/or ejection from the Ground. The Club may impose a ban (including, but not limited to, a ban for one or more Matches) and/or the removal of season ticket(s) for any such behaviour.’

    We know things can get heated at football games, and we can all say things in the heat of the moment. We can forgive a mistake. But if you feel threatened, or if you observe anti-social behaviour which persistently breaches this regulation please let a steward know. This is a regulation we are prepared to enforce. It’s vital to the long term success of the club that we do so.

    If you are concerned that there is a safeguarding issue and a vulnerable person is at threat, you can also contact safeguarding@buryfc.co.uk with your concerns. You can find our safeguarding policy here.

    We want everyone to enjoy what will be a historic season for the club and hope you will assist us in ensuring that that happens, without exception.

    Tuesday 7.45pm: Nelson v Bury

    We’ve added an extra friendly at short notice to allow some players to top up their minutes ahead of Saturday’s season opener against Glossop on Saturday.

    We haven’t yet put tickets on sale for Glossop just yet as we will discuss next week what stands can be opened and what capacity limits we will be working under for this first fixture which is likely to be very well attended.

    We will put them on sale as soon as this has been confirmed.

    Collect Your Season Ticket

    The ticket office at Gigg Lane will be open Monday to Wednesday this week, from 10am to 12 noon for season ticket card collection.

    Please remember that cards are only available if purchased prior to Sunday 2nd July 2023. All season tickets purchased after that date will be digital ONLY.

    Further collection times are to be arranged and will be communicated

    To allow us to give you your card please bring the following with you:

    1. The email or text showing proof of purchase;
    2. The name of the person who bought the ticket; and
    3. The five letter season pass reference code e.g. WSXCL which was sent in the confirmatory text or email you will have received after purchase.

    More information on this, including where you can find your five letter season pass reference code, is available via the button below.


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