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    1. "Selfless" Benefactors Insist on No Influence – Just a Tiny Bit of Election Meddling!

      Our sole motivation from day 1 has been to return to a united Bury FC to Gigg Lane for ALL supporters and the community. We have objected in the past when certain members of BFCSS sought to dismiss those who followed Bury AFC, The Pendulum has now swung entirely the other way as SCS seeks to cleanse the management of any BFCSS representatives and marginalise the Benefactors as much as possible.
      This is morally and commercially wrong. By the FANS for the FANS means all fans, not just those that happen to agree with a small group of the leadership.
      It is so disappointing to feel forced to issue this statement as there is so much to be celebrating – the number and hard work by the volunteers (matchday and every other day/night of the week), a great atmosphere at matches, especially at Gigg, some memorable moments like the first match and Benito Lowe’s lastminute winner against West Didsbury & Charlton. Also it’s great to see the many new, young fans coming to matches and loving the experience just as much as those who’ve been watching for years and returned to their beloved Gigg. If we’re all together this can become even greater, if we’re divided the honeymoon period will sadly end.
      Please ensure that in the forthcoming vote for elections to the new CBS3 board you consider carefully who you elect, or we are seriously worried that the control will rest in a small group that in our experience is not focused on an inclusive, sustainable, community football club.

      • Dean
    2. #HerGameToo Weekend

      This weekend our fixtures across both men’s and women’s first team games will celebrate women in football, and in sport in general, as we endorse the ‘Her Game Too‘ message.

      The club is affliated with the #HerGameToo movement, an organisation founded in May 2021 with the aim of raising awareness and educating others on the importance of inclusivity and diversity in sports. Their video above, was viewed hundreds of thousands of times and the quest to eliminate sexism in football had begun!

      We are proud to be one of hundreds of clubs, in both the professional and semi-professional / grassroots settings, to be affiliated in the UK.

      Whilst starting within football, and by a group of female football fans spread across the UK, HerGameToo has resonated significantly across the sporting landscape, with like-minded initiatives now set up covering cricket, rugby and ice hockey. The start of the campaign highlighted the inequality felt, particularly by women, in the stands at football grounds across the country. But this is not limited to football supporters on the terraces, we want to see the same acceptance and inclusion on the pitch and behind the scenes.

      We start the build-up to this weekend by introducing the team of ambassadors and advocates for the club, starting with Samantha Harman who volunteers as matchday volunteer co-ordinator at Gigg Lane. Sam sat down with buryfc.co.uk to answer questions around how she got involved with #HerGameToo.
        Club #HerGameToo Ambassador, Sam Harman Hello Sam, please can you give a quick introduction of yourself and what involvement you have for Her Game Too?

      What is your main goal as the Her Game Too ambassador for Bury FC and what are your hoping to achieve in your role as ambassador for women who go along to football matches at Bury?
          The Her Game Too campaign has really taken off, how pleasing is it to see such a campaign for women especially after seeing recent campaigns like Kick It Out and Rainbow Laces?
          How did you become aware of the Her Game Too campaign?
          Why did you decide to get involved in Her Game Too?
          Have you ever been subjected to any kind of sexism at a football match or on social media yourself?
          Bury FC Women’s Chloe Greenhall wheels away after scoring at Gigg Lane earlier this season What changes have you seen over the years in the attitudes towards women going to watch football in general?

      We have seen women’s football really grow recently especially with the lionesses winning the Euros and being runners-up in the World Cup. How good is that to see?
        How good is it to see Bury FC promote women’s football as much as they do with the men’s team?
          What would you say to any female fan going to football matches who hear things they don’t want to or who are subjected to any sexist abuse? What would you advise them to do?
          It’s not just about highlighting sexism and discrimination towards women at football matches but Her Game Too also promotes women’s participation in football too.
          We will continue to build up to our #HerGameToo Weekend ahead of the fixtures, but if you want to be #PartofIt grab a ticket for our game against Lower Breck at Gigg Lane by clicking below:
          As always, keep across the latest from the club on the website, X / Twitter & Facebook.
        #ShakersTogether | #HerGameToo | #PartofIt
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    3. #HerGameToo: Leigh Gell

      Bury FC Player & National League Referee Leigh Gell, sat down with our matchday programme editor Chris Saville to discuss her experiences in football.

        Hello Leigh, thanks for talking to us. Tell us about yourself and why did you get involved with football?

        You are the Women and Girls Development Officer for Manchester FA, what does that involve?
          As well as that, you also referee women’s football too?
          What made you want to become a referee?
        On top of that you also play for Bury FC Women too, how do you find the time?
        In all your roles, which one do you find the hardest?
        With so many women now participating or watching football, do you see a difference in how women are treated compared to men?
        Do you think the historic perception of women in football is changing for the better?
        What advice would you give to any girl or woman who wants to start playing, coaching, refereeing or
      watching football?
        What would you say to any female participant or fan playing, involved or going to football matches who hears things they don’t want to or who are subjected to any sexist abuse? What advice would
      you give them?
          As always, keep across the latest from the club on the website, X / Twitter & Facebook.
        #ShakersTogether | #HerGameToo | #PartofIt
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    4. #HerGameToo: Meet the Team

      Our HGT Team, Amy, Nic, Steph, Sam, Kirsty & Cath We met our main Her Game Too Ambassador, now we meet Sam’s support team – Nicola, Kirsty, Cath, Steph and Amy.

      We started by asking how they got involved with Her Game Too:
        What is your role with Her Game Too and Bury?
          Do you think the historical perception of women in football is getting better?
          We will continue to build up to our #HerGameToo Weekend ahead of the fixtures, but if you want to be #PartofIt grab a ticket for our game against Lower Breck at Gigg Lane by clicking below:
          As always, keep across the latest from the club on the website, X / Twitter & Facebook.
        #ShakersTogether | #HerGameToo | #PartofIt
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    5. £75 to Every Bury Fan Using Protection UK

      Managing Director, Chris Turner on the hallowed Gigg Lane turf Bury Football Club sponsor, Protection UK, has a great offer for Bury fans.

      If you use their services, you will a receive £75 voucher code to spend in our online club shop or to help purchase your season ticket next year.

      That’s not all. The club will benefit from a donation from Protection UK of 10% of any fees or commission they earn.

      Their services include mortgages, life insurance and wills.
      To contact Chris, who you can see above, please fill in the form by clicking on the image to the left.
        Protection UK offer no obligation advice with no up-front fees. The £75 is payable only once you instruct them to take out a product and they receive payment from the lender or insurance company.
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    6. 2023/24 End of Season Awards

      On Saturday, we hosted our 2023/24 End of Season awards in the Manchester Road End at Gigg Lane.

      The sun came out over Gigg Lane and we would like to thank all the fans for coming down to celebrate.

      Present at the awards were representatives from our Under 12s, Under 23s, Women’s First & Men’s First teams – who were presented with various awards for their efforts during the season.

      Here’s are your winners:
        Bury FC Under 12s

        Players’ Player of the Season – Jordan Halliwell
      Most Coachable Player – Tinaye Zindoga
      Manager’s Player of the Season – Louie Richardson
        Bury FC Under 23s

        Goal of the Season – Mason Beard (vs Ashton Town)
      Club Player of the Year – Robbie Woolford
      Players’ Player of the Year – Luis Cantello
      Manager’s Player of the Season – Mason Beard
        Bury FC Women

        Top Goalscorer – Murron Alldread
      Club Woman of the Year – Chloe Greenall
      Roch Valley Radio Player of the Season – Murron Alldread
      Manager’s Player of the Season – Murron Alldread
        Bury FC Men

        The Mighty Shakers Podcast Player of the Season – Gaz Peet
      Roch Valley Radio Player of the Season – Gaz Peet (winner), Andy Briggs (runner-up)
      Up The Shakers Forum Player of the Season – Andy Briggs (winner), Connor Comber (runner-up)
      Goal of the Season – Tanaka ‘Alex’ Cherera (vs Charnock Richard)
      Players’ Player of the Season – Tom Moore & Andy Scarisbrick (joint-winners)
      Manager’s Player of the Season – Billy Reeves
      Fan’s Player of the Season – Gaz Peet
        #BuryFC | #PartOfIt
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    7. 2023/24 Fixture Chart

      Our remaining 2023/24 league fixtures. Download, print and update our results along the way.
      Download your printable version.
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    8. 2023/24 Shirt Sponsorship

      Your opportunity is here, to sponsor a shirt for the coming season!
        We have the following available at £100+VAT each:
        Home Shirts, 1-18 Away Shirts, 1-18 First Team Coach – Andrew Thomas Goalkeeper Coach – Spencer Harrison First Team Physio – Aiden Bowe First Team Physio – Alan Raw Strength & Conditioning Coach – Jack Wardle   Have your name in the match day programme each week, as well as a signed match-worn shirt provided to you at the end of the season.
      Don’t delay, shirts will be provided on a first-come, first served basis by emailing into commercial@buryfc.co.uk. When they are gone, they are gone!
      Our Sponsor the Gaffer raffle is also live, which you can enter for just £10 here. Make sure you enter by Friday 28th!
        Be #ShakersTogether, Be #PartOfIt, Be #BuryFC for 2023/24
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    9. 2024/25 North West Counties Premier League Allocations

      The FA Leagues Committee have now confirmed the League Allocations for the 2024-25 season with the NWCFL Premier once again running at a 24 team, 46-game fixture calendar.

      With Wythenshawe and Wythenshawe Town both being promoted to the Northern Premier League, and Skelmersdale United being relegated to Step 6 there will be three sides replacing them from the First Divisions, with FC St Helens promoted as Champions of the North and South Liverpool and Abbey Hey promoted as Play-Off Winners in the North and South respectively. First Division South Champions Brocton have been laterally moved into the Midland League.

      There are two big changes in addition to the above. With vacancies at Step 5 due to teams dropping out, Stockport Town have been promoted to the Premier Division as one of the losing Play-Off finalists with the best Points Per Game record last season. Congratulations to all at Stockport Town. However to accommodate them, Kendal Town have been laterally moved to the Northern League.

      With these changes the NWCFL Premier Division for the coming is made up of the following teams. These are due to be ratified at the League AGM in mid-June.
        We will keep supporters up to date with any changes and let you all know as soon as the fixtures are released.

      As we now know the make up of the league we will soon be in the position to release information on season tickets for the approaching season.
        #BuryFC | #PartOfIt
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    10. 2024/25 Season: Gigg Lane Car Park Policy

      As the new season draws closer we wanted to take the opportunity to update you with regards to changes we are making to matchday car parking. 

      We currently have 182 spaces available on a matchday, the majority have these are taken up by matchday squads and staff, blue badge holders, disabled people, some volunteers, opposition boards and finally some 1885 members. 

      We have the biggest car park in the division, having a car park of this size presents many operational challenges in terms of a booking in process and then managing it on the day as well which is unsustainable for a club that in the main operates off a volunteer base.

      As a result the following changes will be made for the upcoming season:

      30 spaces will be allocated for blue badge holders/disabled.  If you would like a space for the upcoming season please go onto TicketCo and pick a ticket for parking (£0 cost). You will then be required to attend the club reception (during opening hours) and collect a pass, you will be required to show a blue badge to obtain the pass.

      52 spaces will be allocated to players and officials and boards.

      The remaining spaces will be on a first come first serve basis charged at £5 (cash only on the day and we would ask that were possible you have correct money).

      This decision has not been taken lightly but saves many man hours from an operational perspective whilst also driving further revenues for the club to invest in fan related activities.
        Surrounding Gigg Lane

      SatNav Postcode: BL9 9HR
      WhatThreeWords: ///issues.skins.span
        There is on-street parking in the residential areas surrounding Gigg Lane (as shown above), with supporters reminded to be respectful and considerate of the local residents at all times, as well as being mindful of and adhering to the parking permit measures in place in close proximity to the ground.
        Be #ShakersTogether, Be #PartOfIt, Be #BuryFC for 2024/25.
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    11. 3G Pitch Update

      We are pleased to confirm that we have now signed the contract to install a 3G pitch at Gigg Lane this summer.

      We understand the frustration supporters feel around frequent match postponements due to the poor condition of the grass pitch this season. It is important that we maintain a focus on the long term success of the club. An artificial surface means that we can grow the reach of the club by bringing the wider community into Gigg Lane, make the stadium more financially sustainable, and build a base from which all of our teams can train and play, giving players the consistency and familiarity they need to succeed.

      Payment will be made in phases as the work progresses. The initial payment will be met by the Society reserves and we will receive matched funding of £300,000 from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. This will utilise the full £1m available from their Community Ownership Fund.

      We will also draw down funding from Bury Council who are contributing £450,000, as approved by their Cabinet recently. We are finalising a Community Development Plan with Bury Council which will commit us to a programme of work in the borough designed to maximise community usage of the stadium through a diverse number of initiatives, not just football.

      Our objective for the new season is to retain a strong balance sheet and drive greater revenue through pitch hire, which will be limited to 50 hours per week to protect the surface over the next 8 years. As highlighted in our previous statement, a significant amount of this revenue will be allocated to a sinking fund to replace the pitch when required, be it another artificial surface or a return to grass.

      At this stage of the season we know there is a focus on results with the ultimate aim of promotion. Football provides us with an opportunity to live in the moment, and we don’t want to dampen the joy that those moments bring to our supporters. Off the pitch, however, we remain relentless in our pursuit of a bigger, longer term objective to maximise the potential of the club in all areas.

      We also recognise that the grass pitch has a specific place in many supporters’ hearts. Not least those who have the ashes of their loved ones scattered there. With this in mind we would like to confirm the following:
      We will hold a ceremony at Gigg Lane for anyone who has had the ashes of a the friends or relatives scattered there, to allow them to say a farewell once more. Details of the ceremony will be announced as soon as we have the date. We will sell up to 500 pieces of turf from the Gigg Lane pitch, presented in seed boxes, to raise funds for the club and allow supporters to own a little piece of history. The dimensions will be 344mm x 214mm x 52mm and the first pieces bought will also receive a free copy of James Bentley’s book on Bury Football Club ‘Things Can Only Get Better: Bury’s Mid-90s Rise Under Stan Ternent’. We are grateful to James for this donation. There will also be a raffle for the two penalty spots. Further details will follow. Artificial grass is not as environmentally friendly as real grass. We believe the good we can do throughout the community outweighs the cost overall, but we do recognise our responsibilities to the environment. We are grateful to our shirt sleeve sponsors, Redfox Countryside Services, specialists in ecological management and restoration services, who have offered their services to help develop Starkies Wood, next to Gigg Lane, in a way which will contribute towards eventually making this project carbon neutral. The stadium is one of the oldest in Britain, and it would be wrong to pretend that carbon neutrality is easily achievable, but this is one step in that direction and we are extremely grateful for the thoughtful and unprompted offer of support from Redfox Countryside Services on this matter. It would require Council approval.

      There is also an early stage idea around a commemorative garden using the centre spot.

      The sight and smell of a grass pitch is something we all have imprinted in our footballing DNA. Our move to an artificial surface is a rational one, supported by an overwhelming 92% majority of our members. That doesn’t mean we don’t recognise the past and our emotional connection to it through places such as Gigg Lane. We hope this note shows an acknowledgment of that.  It is just the start of many ideas and initiatives for the forthcoming months.

      As always, keep across the latest from the club on the website, X / Twitter & Facebook.

      To subscribe to emails, fill out the form HERE.

      Join as a Football Supporters Society of Bury member for just £5 a month HERE.
        #ShakersTogether | #BuryFC | #PartofIt
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    12. 3G Pitch Update

      We caught up with Anthony Doran, site manager for pitch installation contractors McArdle, to find out how the works were progressing so far with almost three weeks of work undertaken already. Catch our chat with Anthony in this video:
        Over the next few weeks, we’ll keep you posted with more updates from the team as we get closer to the moment when we can step out on to our new 3G pitch!
        #BuryFC | #PartOfIt
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    13. A brave new future for the Treasureline Partnership

      Many Bury fans will fondly remember the old Treasureline lottery of yesteryear, that unfortunately fell on hard times due to bad management and the impact of Covid.

      Industry experts and Bury town centre based NYCDA refocused the old approach to ensure the name wasn’t lost and proceeds were continued to be generated by being a part of their NYCDA Weekly Draw.
      We want to try and restore Treasureline to its former glories in just the same way that Bury Football Club and Gigg Lane have been brought back to life. You can follow Treasureline on X (formerly Twitter) to the right.


      Encouraging as many people as possible to sign up to Treasureline supports both the club and provides the funds to allow Bury Football Club to extend its reach into the wider community in Bury by supporting to development of women’s football, developing youth teams, and reaching out to schools and charities who can all play a major part of our future growth.
      Football Club Chair Marcel de Matas commented on the benefits of Treasureline:

      Whether you’re a passionate supporter or someone interested in supporting a community project, you can support the refreshed Treasureline Partnership by becoming a participant in the NYCDA Weekly Draw.

      You can play for as little as £1 per week with the opportunity to win fantastic cash amounts including a main weekly prize of £1,000, as well as a £500 rollover, which can rise to a huge £10,000. Additional prizes ranging from £10 to £100 are also up for grabs every Wednesday. For information including how to join, as well as some insights where the proceeds are used and the kind of work this partnership will continue to support, please click on the image below.
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    14. A Note From Wythenshawe Town

      We have received the following note from Wythenshawe Town ahead of today’s play off final at Ericstan Park.
          We ask that you respect the wishes expressed by our hosts so that everyone can enjoy what promises to be a fantastic spectacle of NWCFL football.

      And we would like to reiterate to fans please DO NOT travel without a ticket.
        #BuryFC | #PartOfIt | #OneMooreTime
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    15. AC Ventilation becomes Bury FC sponsor

      Rochdale-based AC Ventilation sign on to sponsor the back of The Shakers’ training wear for the coming season.
      Established in 1995 AC Ventilation Limited has become a thriving and well respected business, specialising in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of all types of air conditioning, ventilation and fresh air heat recovery systems.
      The company operates throughout the UK and across all sectors. This includes commercial, industrial, healthcare, leisure, hotels, retail, education, restaurants, and specialist residential projects.
      Managing Director Steve Valentine was down at Gigg Lane to meet boss Andy Welsh, and had a few words for buryfc.co.uk: “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor Bury FC especially after being a Jnr Shaker during the 80’s. There is a real buzz around Gigg lane and the future plans for the club are looking bright.”
        (pictured) Director Steve Valentine meets manager, Andy Welsh down at Gigg Lane   Steve recalled being a mascot for the Bury vs Swindon Town game on 16th October 1982 (pictured left) and following the Shakers into the 90’s with friends & family.
      We would like to extend our thanks to AC Ventilation for their generosity and their commitment to Bury FC. We look forward to working with them in the years to come.
      Click here to visit their website.
      If you are interested in any future sponsorship opportunities please contact commercial@buryfc.co.uk
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    16. Accessing Your Online Tickets

      We are delighted that so many of our supporters have taken up the option to get a season ticket for our first games back at Gigg Lane, starting this Saturday with the visit of Glossop North End.
      Physical season cards can be picked up from the Gigg Lane Ticket Office for supporters who purchased ahead of the 2nd July deadline. For ticket office opening times, select here.
      General admission tickets for this weekend, and other games, are currently being confirmed and will be communicated to all shortly. We have provided details on how you access your tickets below.
      Accessing your ticket digitally
      We partner with TicketCo for online ticket distribution and encourage supporters to purchase these wherever possible, as this assists us in planning for a match day. Supporters will be able to buy tickets for all club events and programmes via this platform from the club website here.
      Whether you have bought a season ticket as a physical card or not, you can always get access to the games by presenting your TicketCo QR code at the turnstile for an operator to scan – this can be digitally on a smart phone or via a print out of your QR code. The QR code on a physical season card is a replica of that presented within the TicketCo app or on your TicketCo PDF receipt which was sent via either email or SMS message at the point of order. This can only be used once on each match day.
      You can also download the ticket to your phone’s Wallet or Passbook.
      Full details on all this can be found on the TicketCo website here.
      Download the App
      TicketCo also provides the option to secure all your purchased Bury FC event tickets in one place, via the TicketCo Wallet app. Examples of how this looks on your phone can be found below. You can download this app here.
        Whatever the circumstances, we have you covered. If you have any concerns, ensure you arrive early on Saturday and speak to one of our customer service volunteers who will be available to help!
        Be #ShakersTogether, Be #PartOfIt, Be #BuryFC for 2023/24.
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    17. Admission for Glossop

      Our fixture with Glossop North End this Saturday is a replay of the opening game of the season, following the fielding of an ineligible player.

      As communicated at the time and now confirmed, all season ticket holders will not to be charged again to attend this re-arranged fixture. Please bring your season ticket as normal and it will be scanned at the gate.

      General admission tickets are now also available for supporters, as a usual match day in the Main and South Stands. Prices will be as below, with under-16s going free with a paying adult.
        £10 – Adults £5 – 16-18 year olds £3 – Under 16s (without paying adult) FREE – Under 5s £40 – 1885 Suite   Get tickets HERE   Away Supporters: There is no requirement for visiting supporters to purchase tickets in advance. Visiting supporters will be directed to the Cemetery End entrance, with cash & card turnstiles in operation.
        Pay on the Gate: Whilst encouraging supporters to buy online ahead of the game, turnstiles will be available in each stand to take cash & card payments.
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    18. Alcohol Sales Resume at Gigg

      Alcohol sales at Gigg Lane will resume for this weekend’s visit of Glossop North End.

      Kiosks in the South Stand and Cemetery End, will serve alcohol alongside their range of soft drinks and hot food. Sales will end in the kiosks at the start of the second half.

      On the advice of our stakeholders, alcohol sales will be limited to TWO drinks per transaction.

      Starkies will be open as normal in the Main Stand with drinks not being permitted to be taken into the stands during the second half. Starkies will remain open to all at full-time, until last orders at approx. 7pm.

      We understand supporters’ frustrations at some of restrictions that have been put in place, and appreciate your patience during this period, whilst we reintroduce alcohol sales in a phased manner.
        #ShakersTogether | #BuryFC | #PartofIt
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    19. Andy Rowland: 1954-2024

      We are saddened to hear of the passing of former Shaker Andy Rowland, aged 69.
        Andy started out at Derby County his hometown club, before moving to Gigg Lane in 1974.
        Rowland (above) leaps after scoring one of his 59 goals for the Shakers   He made 174 appearances for the club during this time at the club.

      In September 1978, he headed south to play for Swindon Town where he played for eight seasons.

      Rowland scored on his return to Gigg Lane as Swindon won 1-0 in March 1979.

      Everyone at Bury Football Club would like to pass on condolences to Andy’s family & friends.
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    20. Appeal Hearing Date Confirmed

      As reported to supporters in early January (here), the club appealed the punishment handed down following charges brought relating to offensive comments made by supporters inside Gigg Lane during the fixture against West Didsbury & Chorlton on 2nd September 2023.

      The appeal was granted and we have been informed that the hearing for this appeal will take place on Monday 4th March.

      The result of this hearing will be communicated to supporters following its conclusion.
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    21. Appeal Hearing Result

      Our appeal on the sanctions for charges relating to offensive supporter behaviour in September last year, has been dismissed.

      We will be required to play our next two home games behind closed doors. These are against Barnoldswick Town next Tuesday (12th) and Charnock Richard the following Saturday, 16th March.

      We are allowed to produce a live stream broadcast of the Barnoldswick game but not the Charnock Richard fixture.

      We will continue to work with the Manchester FA on tackling the serious issues that have been highlighted throughout the case. We, as a club, strive for a game which is free from discrimination and accessible and welcoming for all.

      There are number of operational challenges we are now working through, including the refund of tickets. Please bear with us as we finalise these, and further details will be provided in due course. In the meantime, if you have any ticketing queries the club can be contacted via email by clicking below:
        Ticketing Queries Here  
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    22. Appeal Hearing Update

      Today was our scheduled FA appeal hearing, following charges brought relating to offensive comments made by supporters inside Gigg Lane during the fixture against West Didsbury & Chorlton on 2nd September 2023 (here).

      The committee will now deliberate before feeding back on the judgement within the next couple of days. Supporters will be informed on the result of this process as soon as this is communicated to the club.
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    23. Applications for Men’s First Team Manager

      We are now receiving applications for the role of Bury Football Club First Team Manager.

      We are looking for an ambitious manager, with a track record of success in the National League System to take on the role of manager of Bury Football Club. This is an opportunity to be involved with a rapidly growing club with ambitions to progress up the non-league pyramid.

      Applicants must have experience of managing in men’s football at Steps 3 to 6, minimum of UEFA A qualification and a proven track record of developing players.

      CVs should be sent by close of business on Tuesday 19th September.

      To apply please email chair@buryfc.co.uk and attach a CV and a cover letter, explaining why this job is for you.
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    24. Applications Open For Bury Football Club General Manager

      We are now receiving applications for the new position of General Manager of Bury Football Club.
        We are looking for experienced candidates who can meet the job description which can be read here.
        This will be an employed role with salary of up to £50,000 per annum plus pension, depending on experience.
        Please submit your CV to admin@buryfc.co.uk by 5pm 7th July if you wish to be considered for interview.
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    25. Apply Now: Community Development Officer

      We are now receiving applications for the new position of Community Development Officer at Bury Football Club.
        We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual with a ‘can do’ attitude who wants to use the football club and stadium to make a positive difference to the community of Bury.
        Bury FC Community Development OfficerDownload   This will be an employed role with salary of approximately £25,000-£30,000 per annum.
        Please submit your CV and covering letter to neil.sears@buryfc.co.uk by 5pm on Tuesday 28th May.
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