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  • #HerGameToo: Meet the Team

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    IMG-20240229-WA0025-768x1024.jpgOur HGT Team, Amy, Nic, Steph, Sam, Kirsty & Cath

    We met our main Her Game Too Ambassador, now we meet Sam’s support team – Nicola, Kirsty, Cath, Steph and Amy.

    We started by asking how they got involved with Her Game Too:

    Kirsty: I got involved with Her Game Too because I feel strongly about women having representation and a voice in what is a predominantly male sport.

    Cath: I got involved with Her Game Too because I think women needed more of a voice in football. Women have always watched football but haven’t always been made to feel they should be at games and Her Game Too is a way for women to feel they belong.

    Nicola: I have been an avid fan of football since I was young, and I love seeing more and more women at games. I wanted to be part of an inclusive movement that ensures that both men and women always feel welcome at their local football club.

    Steph: I become involved with Her Game Too because female football is something I have grown up loving and I have always been passionate about it. I played football when I was younger, and I loved the escape it gave me.

    Amy: I got involved because I have a young daughter and want to help change the stigma of football just being a man’s game.


    What is your role with Her Game Too and Bury?


    Kirsty: I am a Her Game Too advocate and my role is mainly to support Sam with getting the Her Game Too revolution out there amongst our fan base.

    Cath: I volunteer on match days, organising the turnstiles and manning the reception desk, welcoming the players and guests to the game, as well as being another advocate for Bury FC for Her Game Too.

    Nicola: I am also a Her Game Too advocate and I support our ambassador Sam at events and on social media. I am also a matchday volunteer on the turnstiles and I see first-hand how inclusive Bury FC really is.

    Steph: I am also a Her Game Too advocate for Bury FC and I also volunteer on a matchday operating the turnstiles.

    Amy: I am an advocate for the club, I support Sam in her role and help to promote Her Game Too.


    Do you think the historical perception of women in football is getting better?


    Kirsty: I do think the perception of women in football is getting better. I think times are finally
    changing and we especially have the amazing Lionesses to thank for that. Unfortunately, there are
    still some people that are stuck in the Dark Ages, but their voices are slowly becoming drowned out by our almighty roar.

    Cath: I do think it is getting better with the success of the women’s national team and having women commentating on games. I still think there is a way to go as some people still don’t think women should be involved in the game but hopefully the Her Game Too movement will improve it further.

    Nicola: Society is certainly more accepting of both men and women at games. There are still views held by some where women are seen as unequal so the Her Game Too movement is crucial to help continue to make positive steps in gender equality in football and sport.

    Steph: The historical perception of women’s football has definitely got better in my opinion. There
    are still things that can be improved or brought forward but all in all, it has really improved.

    Amy: Yes, I think it is getting better and it will only continue to get better too.


    We will continue to build up to our #HerGameToo Weekend ahead of the fixtures, but if you want to be #PartofIt grab a ticket for our game against Lower Breck at Gigg Lane by clicking below:


    As always, keep across the latest from the club on the website, X / Twitter & Facebook.


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