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  • Introducing The Reborn Cup

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    Bury Football Club are delighted to announce an exciting annual football game that celebrates the rebirth of both Macclesfield FC and Bury FC! This eagerly anticipated event brings together two historic clubs, each with their own rich heritage and passionate fanbase.

    The Reborn Cup marks a significant moment in the revival of both clubs, symbolizing their resurgence after facing challenges in recent years. It represents a celebration of their enduring spirit and determination to reclaim their places in the footballing world.

    With the first edition set to kick off this Saturday (15th July), football enthusiasts eagerly await the clash between Macclesfield FC and Bury FC. The atmosphere will be electric as fans fill the stands, adorned in their team’s colours, ready to witness an epic showdown on the pitch.

    Football Board Chairman, Marcel De Matas said: “Both Macc and Bury have been through similar experiences, and have risen from the ashes to create vibrant, growing clubs.

    “We hope that the Reborn Cup will become an annual event, which allows us to celebrate clubs at the heart of our communities and show that there is an appetite for attractive, exciting football in towns like ours.”

    Macclesfield FC Owner, Robbie Savage added: “I’m delighted to announce that Macclesfield FC and Bury FC will take part in the Reborn Cup on an annual basis.

    “Given what both sets of fans and communities have been through, having this game will poignantly enable them to celebrate our much-loved Football Clubs.”

    The Reborn Cup promises to be a thrilling spectacle, capturing the attention of fans and media alike.

    Beyond the game itself, the Reborn Cup serves as a reminder of the resilience and unity displayed by both Macclesfield FC and Bury FC in overcoming adversity. It stands as a testament to the unwavering support of their loyal fans, who have stood by their clubs through thick and thin.

    As the annual tradition unfolds, the Reborn Cup will undoubtedly become an emblematic event, forever etching its place in the football calendar. It is a testament to the enduring spirit of the beautiful game and the unwavering loyalty of fans who fuel its passion.

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