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  • "Selfless" Benefactors Insist on No Influence – Just a Tiny Bit of Election Meddling!
















    Our sole motivation from day 1 has been to return to a united Bury FC to Gigg Lane for ALL supporters and the community. We have objected in the past when certain members of BFCSS sought to dismiss those who followed Bury AFC, The Pendulum has now swung entirely the other way as SCS seeks to cleanse the management of any BFCSS representatives and marginalise the Benefactors as much as possible.

    This is morally and commercially wrong. By the FANS for the FANS means all fans, not just those that happen to agree with a small group of the leadership.

    It is so disappointing to feel forced to issue this statement as there is so much to be celebrating – the number and hard work by the volunteers (matchday and every other day/night of the week), a great atmosphere at matches, especially at Gigg, some memorable moments like the first match and Benito Lowe’s lastminute winner against West Didsbury & Charlton. Also it’s great to see the many new, young fans coming to matches and loving the experience just as much as those who’ve been watching for years and returned to their beloved Gigg. If we’re all together this can become even greater, if we’re divided the honeymoon period will sadly end.

    Please ensure that in the forthcoming vote for elections to the new CBS3 board you consider carefully who you elect, or we are seriously worried that the control will rest in a small group that in our experience is not focused on an inclusive, sustainable, community football club.

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