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  1. My favourite genre these days as my reactions for FPS are well past their sell by date. House of Da Vinci 2 my current challenge.
  2. Connect Charlie Madden with Jack Ainscough.
  3. I'm going for Belarus where a protester was beaten up while he was handing out flowers to signify a peaceful protest.
  4. Sarah Hindle is the Chairperson of Darwen.
  5. Closed this magnificent quiz as it had less pulling power than a BFC GoFundMe page.
  6. Bit of a variation on the theme, but as we have no game tomorrow, see if you can tell me who is Sarah Hindle?
  7. I cracked that one on Saturday when number 5 went in, Lydd players weren't impressed.
  8. Got an easier one in mind for my trip on Saturday. Reckon you will get it in a few minutes. Watch this space. Of course if my partner tries to lock me in the shed again, I might not make it.
  9. Holmesdale 5 Lydd 2( SCEL Division 1). Thanks for trying
  10. Yes to part one .Many of the 68 fans used the nearby (big stone's throw from the ground) Two Doves on Oakley Road. The other airport is on Romney Marsh. Not a friendly. Former Beckenham favourite scored hat trick on home debut.
  11. Impressive research but you need to go ''SAAF'' of the Thames and my belated editing did add it was a league match.
  12. Go forty miles south westish and drop well down the pyramid. Extra clue it was a league fixture.
  13. Went to the small airport derby on Saturday but what was the game?
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