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    This week’s first mid-week league fixture at Gigg Lane against Kendal Town, is the first opportunity to experience a Live Stream of the game from the comfort of your home, wherever you may be across the world!

    All home games taking place outside the Saturday afternoon ‘blocked hours’ broadcast directive will be able to be live streamed in the UK, via our Bury FC TV service and we will be able to bring these to you currently on a pay-per-view basis at buryfc.co.uk.

    Season ticket holders: Anyone with a season ticket will receive access to the Live Stream FREE as included when purchasing a ticket. Access to this service will be communicated by email up to an hour before kick-off.


    For general access to click on the ‘Live Stream’ link on the homepage or via the direct link (HERE), to access the payment page.

    Each stream will be set at a cost of £6.99 (inc VAT).



    We provide answers to the questions relating to our Bury FC TV Live Stream service:

    Q: What is meant by ‘blocked hours’ when it comes to streaming football matches?

    A: Full explanation is provided below on this.

    Q: I am a Season Ticket holder, can I get free access to available streams?

    A: Not at the moment. The functionality to enable season ticket holders access to the games, included within cost of their ticket, is yet to be completed. We are continuing to work on this.

    Q: Which Saturday afternoon fixtures will be able to broadcast?

    A: The FA set out the periods when the ‘blocked hours’ directive is in place. The weekend periods when this directive is inactive generally coincides with the game week breaks in the Premier League (EPL) / Championship (EFL) when men’s international football takes place. Where this point coincides with one of our home games, streaming can be made available and supporters will be advised ahead of the game.

    Q: I live overseas and not affected by the blocked hours directive, can I get access to regular live Saturday afternoon games?

    A: Not at the moment. The functionality to enable only overseas access is not yet available, but something we are looking at providing in time.

    Q: Will away games be live streamed?

    A: Ordinarily, the broadcast of games away from Gigg Lane will not be provided. The ability to offer a Live Stream is reliant on a network internet infrastructure to deliver a quality broadcast which is in place at Gigg Lane. The lack of infrastructure, camera positions, impacts of the weather and volunteer-led time in pulling this together at away grounds, as well as reaching agreement on costs with the host club, impacts on the team’s ability to deliver a quality product.

    Q: Are there any other restrictions that supporters need to be aware of?

    A: FA Competitions such as FA Cup / FA Vase / FA Trophy / Minor Cup Comps are not allowed to be broadcast outside of the UK at any time.

    What are ‘blocked hours’?

    Blocked hours are set time periods occurring on a Saturday when it is prohibited to broadcast or live stream any form of live football. For Season 2023/24, this includes every Saturday occurring during each period set out below between the hours of 14:45 and 17:15:

    • Start of the season to Sat 2nd September
    • Sat 16th Sept to Sat 7th Oct
    • Sat 21st Oct to Sat 11th Nov
    • Sat 25th Nov to Sat 23rd Dec
    • Sat 13th Jan to Sat 16th Mar
    • Sat 30th Mar to Sat 20th Apr

    Blocked hours have been in place for many years in England and are permitted by Article 48 of the UEFA Statutes and outlined by the FA for the following reasons:

    • To ensure spectators are not deterred from attending your matches.
    • In parallel to the above, protecting clubs’ revenue generated by gate receipts.
    • To protect the interests of football within each national association.

    If you have any queries on access of a Live Stream, please email media@buryfc.co.uk well ahead of kick-off so we can help in good time!


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