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  • Clamp down on Anti-Social Behaviour

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    Despite another great result on the road this weekend, it was not without problems. Particularly those of anti-social behaviour which the club take very seriously and which all of us need to tackle to make the environment on matchdays welcoming for all.

    Any observations of disorder of any kind are reported to the league and to the County FA. Such reports will inevitably bring charges against the club for which there is a risk of large financial penalties. Continued indiscretions also risk the club being penalised, the most severe being the playing of games behind closed doors. This would be catastrophic for the club.

    Whilst many fans see this as just a game of football and a release from the day-to-day stresses of life, the football authorities and the club will not tolerate such behaviour.

    We have put in place a disciplinary procedure and clear sanctions for any unacceptable behaviour. These are displayed at the turnstiles, alongside the ground regulations. The club will not fail to take action against individuals where necessary.

    All fans should remember that this is our club and we are judged on the behaviour of even the smallest minority of supporters.

    Should we wish to continue to grow and at some stage return professional football to the town, we can only do so by removing such behaviour from our matches. Please therefore do not turn a blind eye and bring any reports of disorder to the club’s attention.

    The best way to do this is by reporting any incidents on the day, at the game, to the stewards in attendance around the ground who can deal with any issues in line with ground regulations.

    If this is not possible, supporters are requested to contact the club direct via email by clicking below and enclosing any supporting information to assist the club in dealing with the matter.

    There are other avenues for supporters to contact managing authorities directly to report on behaviours we all want rid of within the game. Click on the below logos to contact either the Manchester FA, Kick-It Out, True Vision and HerGameToo.

    Manchester_FA_Logo-209x300.png Kick-it-Out-300x300.jpg 3rd_party_centre_hate_crime_logo_hr_3-28 HerGameToo-258x300.webp


    You can also download the Kick-It Out app that enables on-the-spot reporting of incidents (links below):

    Android Link / iOS Link

    Help our club be one of the best around, by enforcing a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour of any kind. We welcome all supporters coming together to make Bury games, whilst atmospheric and fun, also welcoming and respectful to all who attend.

    Thank you!


    #ShakersTogether | #BuryFC | #PartOfIt

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