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    In response to the devastating gas explosion on Nelson Street close to Gigg Lane, FGRS Community Hub is stepping up to bring the community together in support of those impacted.

    A testament to the resilience and solidarity within our community, a fundraiser has been organised with the goal of offering relief and support to the victims of this unfortunate incident.

    The main event is scheduled for Sunday 14th April at the Fishpool Liberal Club, an occasion that not only aims to raise funds but also to strengthen community bonds during this difficult time. This gathering is an opportunity for community members to show their support, offer donations, and stand in solidarity with those facing the aftermath of the explosion.

    The explosion on Nelson St. has left many of our neighbors in dire need of assistance, with damages that go beyond physical property to the very heart of our community. In these trying times, it’s the collective support and compassion of the community that can make the most significant difference in the lives of those impacted.

    Understanding the power of collective effort, the FGRS Community Hub has also established a Just Giving page to facilitate donations from those who are unable to attend the event in person but still wish to contribute to the cause – aiming for £3,500.

    This online fundraising platform allows for easy and secure donations, ensuring that every penny goes directly to aiding the affected residents of Nelson St.

    Donate here to support the victims of the Nelson St. gas explosion.

    For more information on the event and how you can help, please visit the FGRS Community Hub’s official channels – HERE. Your support can make a significant difference in providing the much-needed relief and support for our neighbors during this challenging time.

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