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  • Fundraiser: Operation Palma

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    One of the stars of the season has without a doubt been Darius Palma. He’s arguably been our top performer so far.


    Unfortunately, the shoulder injury he sustained first at Wythenshawe Town, and then more seriously at Padiham requires surgery. Paying for this privately should see him back by January, but it’s unlikely we will see him back this season without private medical care.


    The cost of the surgery is £8,000, which is way beyond the entire season’s medical care budget for the club. The club is supporting Darius’ bid to fund this himself and asking supporters to contribute where they can to a fundraiser to get him the treatment he needs.


    Darius is extremely grateful to everyone for the support he’s received this season from Bury fans, and hopes to get out on the pitch to represent the club as soon as possible.


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