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  • Mental Health First Aiders at Bury Football Club

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    Bury Football Club has been a central point for the local community for almost 140 years. After fighting through our own battles as a club, we have now been able to further invest in the wellness of our players, staff, supporters and the wider community. From our ever-growing fan-base to our popular recreational and youth teams, Bury FC is about the people and for the people and we now have a freshly formed, dedicated team of Mental Health First Aiders who are here to help signpost you to the support you may need.


    Leading this initiative is Tania Jackson, our club’s Safeguarding and Welfare Officer, she is joined by Mark Lomas, Jess Reed, Ben Travis, Samantha Radcliffe and Aaron Wilkinson. Together, they form the core of our Mental Health First Aiders, dedicated to offering assistance and support.

    This investment reflects our commitment to fostering an environment where mental health concerns are met with empathy and prompt support, aiming to combat stigma and raise awareness of available resources. It exemplifies Bury Football Club’s commitment to ensuring everyone in our community has access to a supportive network.

    By investing in this training, we prioritise individual well-being and align with broader initiatives promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We believe in nurturing an environment where open conversations about mental health are encouraged and practical support is readily accessible. They are not therapists or psychiatrists, but they have undergone training so they can give you initial support and most importantly signpost you to the appropriate support services if required.

    We encourage anyone in need to reach out to a member of our Mental Health First Aider team without hesitation. For assistance or enquiries about available platforms, please email buryfcmhfa@gmail.com to connect with one of our designated Mental Health First Aiders, who will guide you appropriately.

    Together, let’s continue to cultivate a community where mental health is not only acknowledged but also given the utmost priority, support and understanding.

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