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  • Team 1C Charity Fundraiser in Honour of Isla Hutton

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    In an inspiring demonstration of community and charity, fans of Bury Football Club have come together to support an exceptional cause, Team 1C, in memory of Isla Hutton.

    In this year’s event, led by Ryan Jackson-Fogg and Warren Stone and including many others, the group are embarking on a dual-event fundraiser with high hopes of making a significant contribution to the charity.

    The fundraising activities will kick off on Easter Monday, 1st April, with a sponsored walk from Gigg Lane to Adie Moran Park, home of Prestwich Heys. All are due to arrive ahead of our game that day.

    Continuing the momentum, a second event on Saturday 13th April, sees Ryan run all 17.3 miles from Chorley to Gigg Lane for this season’s last home game against Padiham. A shirt auction and raffle will also be taking place, contact Ryan direct to place your bids and buy your raffle tickets HERE.

    Isla, the daughter of fellow Bury fan and Team1C founding member David Hutton, tragically lost her life in October 2022 to cardiac issues at the age of just six years old. David has since dedicated himself to ensuring his daughter’s legacy endures through the work of Team1C. This charity, which became a registered entity in 2022, operates entirely on the goodwill and effort of volunteers, aiming to support families and children affected by cardiac conditions.

    Team1C is renowned for its comprehensive support system, collaborating closely with notable children’s hospitals like Alder Hey, Ronald McDonald House, and Whiston Hospital. Their work is vital, offering much-needed support to both parents and children navigating the challenges of cardiac conditions.

    For those looking to contribute or learn more about the fundraising events and Team1C, your support can make a world of difference. Let’s come together to support this incredible cause and make a positive impact in the memory of Isla.


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