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  • Update from The Secretary of the Football Supporters' Society of Bury

    Bury News Feed


    The process to elect the new board of the Football Supporters’ Society of Bury was opened on the 8th August 2023.

    Independent election scrutineers Mi-Voice were appointed to run this process.

    We have been notified by Mi-Voice that on Monday 14th August, information about the FSSB's election relating to specific members was posted online to an anonymous Twitter account. Issues relating to these individuals had already been identified and were being dealt with as part of establishing the electoral roll for the election.

    The post represents a breach in the process that needs to be investigated further. It also calls into question the integrity of the election and any result that would have been declared.

    As a consequence, Mi-Voice have temporarily suspended the elections process, pending an internal investigation into how the leak occurred.

    A further statement will be issued once more information becomes available.


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