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  • Vote Results: General Season Ticket Refund Policy

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    As well as holding our recent kit vote, FSSB members also voted on our general season ticket refund policy.

    We had 918 ballots returned from 1,715 individual emails issued.

    91% of voters approved the general policy for season ticket refunds. 586 voted in favour and 59 were against. 273 abstained, a larger than usual number representing members who are not season ticket holders and did not vote on this issue.

    This was also reflected in the preferential vote where a cash refund was the least popular option, with only 62 people ranking it as their first choice option. A huge 49% of voters offered to waive any form of refund as their first choice option, which won the vote once second, third and fourth options were also factored in. There was little demand for a discount on next season’s season ticket, slightly more than the requests for a cash refund, and some support for free entry to play-off games.

    We will review these results and assess what we do next. We are not avoiding cash refunds where they are requested but it is heartwarming to see that the vast majority of over 90% of supporters are not interested in a refund at all, and certainly not a cash refund. This gives us the predictable financial security we need heading into the close season, after what has been an extremely damaging month for the club’s revenues.

    Running the Gigg Lane stadium is a significant financial burden and the terrible weather this winter has cost us many tens of thousands of pounds in maintenance fees and lost revenues through postponements. Forcing the club to play behind closed doors would have put the club under significant financial duress again if supporters had not indicated that they were happy to waive refunds, and we would like to thank all of you for your generosity of spirit. It is clear that this club belongs to you.

    We do not expect the weather to play a part in future with a 3G pitch in place. It’s critical to our progress. We do, however, need to ensure that supporter behaviour does not affect the club’s future. We are continuously being scrutinised by the Manchester FA for the conduct of our supporters. Should any further allegations arise, we are putting ourselves at risk of further severe sanctions, which really do threaten our existence.

    Despite repeated issues, we still struggle to convince a very small number of people of the consequences of poor fan behaviour and their personal responsibility for it. We know, however, that most Bury fans do understand and we remain extremely grateful for your support in the many forms you provide.

    In the same ballot FSSB members also voted on our away kit for the coming two seasons, you can read more about that here.


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